Dogs for Adoption

Birth: ca.*2012, 55cm, Setter-Mix,
Microchip No.941000017890098
I'm Randy and you can see me smiling and happy now because...

Birth: ca.*2016, 62cm, Mix,
Microchip No.941000021238351
Shadow is a delicate, shy, sensitive dog. She is a real lady!

Birth: *2016, 60cm, Sheperd-Mix,
Microchip No: 9410000178899401
Batman is another puppy that ended up in our hands.

Birth: ca.* 06/2016, 54cm, Mix,
Microchip No: chip: 941000017889925
Jolene was found abandoned at Aliko area and she was saved by Naws volunteers.

Birth: ca.* 04/2014, 55cm, Mix,
Microchip No: 941000016719273

This gorgeous, playful boy appeared all of a sudden in the area near the Naxos airport.

Birth: 02/2016, 50cm, Mix,
Microchip No: 941000017890212
This poor guy was abandoned as a puppy is still looking for his forever home.

Birth: ca.*06/11, 60cm, Mix,
Microchip No. 941000017890144
Bobby has been through so much in his short life and has experienced too much loneliness.

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