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Fondation Brigitte Bardot

Today FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT , recognized public utility
has over 75,000 donors in more than 70 countries and over
500 investigators and volunteers delegates.
Its headquarters are located in Paris and employs with its three
shelters and seasonal nearly 100 people.
The Foundation acts directly on the ground through aid to shelters,
rescue animals, sterilization campaigns of stray animals and
assistance to homeless people.
It also intervenes legally against cases of cruelty or abuse helped
by its delegates investigators, everywhere in France.

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SNIP International

SNIP International is a UK registered charity dedicated to improving
standards of animal welfare around the world. In particular
SNIP International promotes neutering programmes
aimed at stray and feral animals.
It respects life and does not endorse destruction of healthy animals.
Over the last twenty years we have donated over 1,350 items of
specialist trapping, catching, and holding equipment to
animal welfare groups working in 75 countries.
We are also supporting training programmes for vets and helpers.
The emphasis is mainly on stray and feral cats,
but we are also doing some work with dogs.

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