Dogs for Adoption

Birth: *2015, 45cm, Espagneul Breton,
Microchip No.941000021238219
Jay was found abandoned along with Jane...

Birth: *02/2013, 55cm, Mix,
Microchip No. 941000016719271
Misty is another case of abuse and abandonment.


Birth: ca.*2014, Mix,
Microchip No.941000017890103
Peperoni , "delicious" as his name, is yet another ring on the "abuse-and-abandon" chain.

Birth: ca.*01/2014, 68cm, Mix,
Microchip No.941000016719266
Our "grand" Leroy, the "king" of our shelter. A big boy, with the heart and the playfulness of a puppy.

Birth: *2013, 55cm, Pointer,
Microchip No.941000016719274
 He is quite small sized, very playful and he needs to release his energy with walks and running.

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