Insecticides - Rat Poison - Ground Glass
These are usually mixed with strong tasting foods. They cause incredible pain to the animal and they die in agony. Insecticides and rat poison have antidotes, ground glass does not.


Liquid or Powder.
Salivating at the mouth, excessive tears, diarrhea, twitching muscles, trembling, 
asthmatic breathing, convulsion and coma.

Take the animal to a vet as soon as possible.

To give the animal the best chance of survival administer first aid as follows: 

Do not do this (1) if the animal shows signs of nervousness such as trembling, staggering 
or collapse because an emetic can cause inhalation pneumonia.

1. Induce vomiting: give salt or baking soda dissolved in warm water into the mouth.

2. Give an injection of atropine – 1 vial for a cat or small dog, 2 to 3 vials for
larger dogs – injected into the vein (absorbed most quickly), into the muscle 
(absorbed less quickly) or under the skin (slowest absorption).
Atropine can be obtained from your vet. 

Sometimes there will be no symptoms for 2 or 3 days.
Then red/purple/dark blue patches will appear on the body or gums,
a sign of internal bleeding, and the gums will be very pale in colour.
Rat poison damages the clotting mechanism and the animal can haemorrhage
from the nose, mouth, penis, vagina or rectum as well as internally. 

Konakion (vitamin K) injection to help clot the blood, 5-20mg, depending on the size 
and weight of the animal. 
This is the deadliest of all methods and there is no antidote. It is essential, however, 
to get the animal to a vet as soon as possible to try and save its life. 

An animal that has been poisoned with insecticides or ground glass is very sensitive to 
light and noise so protect it from both; this is not the case with rat poison. However, 
you may not be aware of the poison used so always keep the animal covered and as quiet
as possible when transporting it to the vet. 


Do not put puppies on the street, they will not survive and they probably be poisoned.

Protect your own animal. Animals have been poisoned inside their own yards or while on a walk. 

Don't let them eat anything from the street.

If you see something suspicious, please let others know through the social media.


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